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Discovering Opportunity
Is the Core of our Business
CMG Holdings Group Inc. provides capital and relevant expertise to emergent marketing and technology driven businesses in brand advertising, digital accessibility, e-sports and tournament hosting.
Glenn Laken
CEO-CMG Holdings Group Inc.

Glenn Laken grew up in Valley Stream N.Y. He graduated high school in 3 years. He went to C.W. Post College and graduated in 1975. He met his wife of 37 years Barbara while at college. The have 2 children Alexis, and Glenn Laken II. Alexis is a clothing designer in N.Y. with 2 of her own lines Contrarian and Prodigal Sons. His son is a attorney in Chicago with the international firm of Kirkland and Ellis. Glenn is an avid weightlifter and exercise fanatic, and has been lifting for 45 years, and routinely logs an hour a day on the exercise bike.

Glenn started in the financial industry in 1979 began on the floor of the NYFE. From there he became a partner at Conklin Cahill a NY stock exchange specialist firm, he spent 5 years there and had a commodity trading division that became very successful. From there Glenn went on to work for a legend in the business John Mulhearn of Jamie Securities a hedge fund with almost a billion dollars under management in 1984. Mr. Laken was the head commodity trader for the fund. In 1985 Mr. Laken moved to Chicago he set up a very large floor brokerage operation on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. and shortly after he was approached by a Saudi investor to start a clearing firm. Under Mr. Laken’s guidance the firm had over 600 floor traders and 100 offices around the country. After almost 3 years Mr. Laken sold his share of the firm and went back to trading for himself. For the next decade Mr. Laken advised many companies and strategies for beating the markets.

In 1999 Mr. Laken purchased the fabled Cigarette Racing Team boat company which had fallen on hard times, in a 3 year turn around play a purchase for 6.25 million was turned into a almost 22 million dollar sale. Mr. Laken has been advising small public companies and startups for the last 5 years and is involved currently with CMG Holdings Inc.

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