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I would like to provide an update to issuing our financials and getting current on the OTC website. First a bit of background When we first posted our financials we had an issue with our lawyer  not properly instructing on posting financials, for that he was suspended and we were told to replace him. (we have and she is certifying our results)

During that same period we ran into another hiccup. I was the only person registered to input data into the site as I am famous for my computer skills. I made the error of instructing my daughter to input the data into the site. She worked on it with an outside consultant.  OTC picked it up , and informed me that was a violation of their policy and that we would not  be allowed to post financials for 90 days. The 90 day period ended yesterday. All of our financials are complete including our 2nd quarter numbers which are quite impressive.

At the end of the day  it is now up to OTC as to when we are allowed to post. We have provided any documents they have requested I am hopeful that it will be in the next abbreviated period, and we will be finished and fully reporting.

There are no ulterior motives here which have been thrown around. There is absolutely no desire to see the stock price lower  Nothing could be further from the truth. Those are conspiracy theories. My only desire is to create shareholder value and I believe we are moving in that direction with the earnings we are generating. I will comeback with financials ASAP. Or an update as to the status of their review,


Thanks, Glenn.